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Photo by Frank Siteman

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Last time was very tricky but our all-time champ, Michael Arwe, gets honorable mention for figuring out what it was (with a hint from yours truly). See last week’s to refresh your memory.

Arwe emailed, “I did the Main Street bridge, the Waterfield Road bridge, the Mt. Vernon Street bridge, the bridge to Sandy’s Island, the Shore Road bridge, the commuter rail bridge at the circle, and then...I saw the fluted concrete column I had spent days looking for: on the corner of the Get In Shape For Women shop.”

Michael Arwe pointing to the gauge, photo by Joyce Westner

He even looked up the instrument, “The Avongard Plus Tell-Tale is a precision gauge, consisting of two plates which overlap for a part of their length. The bottom plate is calibrated in millimetres and the top plate is transparent and marked with a hairline cursor in the form of a cross.

“The Plus Tell-Tale allows monitoring of horizontal movement of +/- 25mm and vertical movement of +/- 10mm. It also features spigots for use with calipers for precision measurement to 0.1mm.”

Photographer Frank Siteman has taught photography at many institutions and traveled the world to take photos for various publications.  His yard on Pond Street backs up to Horn Pond and he frequently displays nature photos on the Facebook Friends of Horn Pond group.  Check him out at and visit his exhibit of drone photos at The Griffin Museum satellite gallery, at WinCAM, 32 Swanton St.   

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Winchester celebrates Memorial Day 2024

Winchester celebrates Memorial Day 2024

In her winning essay, McCall Middle School student Sophia Zuniga said Memorial Day is important to her “because people fought and lost their lives for us.” It is also important because her father, Dan Zuniga, was one of those who fought, though fortunately he came home to his family. “My