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Board of Advisors

Casey Bauer

Casey Bauer is a Town Meeting Member, and 2021-22 Town Meeting Communications Study Committee member. She lives and works in Winchester, and has two children in Winchester Public Schools. A former non-profit development director and former project manager at a local university, she is also an active volunteer, including as a board member for the Town Common Task Force.

Connor Graham

Connor recently moved to Winchester with his wife and son and is a member of the Winchester Family Action Network (FAN). With over a decade of experience in the tech industry, Connor brings valuable expertise to the community. He has also written for hobbyist publications and student newspapers. As an avid rower at Community Rowing Inc. and a passionate hiker, backpacker, and camper, Connor is a strong advocate for the outdoors.

Shukong Ou

Shukong Ou is a Town Meeting Member for Precinct 2 in Winchester, and participated in the Winchester Communications Study Committee.  He helps out with local organizations such as the Farmers Market, Winchester PorchFest, Legacy Winchester, and Winchester Cultural District. Shukong provides tech support for local organizations and is an advocate for the privacy of personal information.