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Temporary no parking signs on Church Street made permanent

The temporary no parking signs on Church Street have been made permanent, following a vote by the Select Board on Oct. 26. WINCHESTER NEWS STAFF PHOTO/PETER CASEY

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The short stretch of Church Street posted with temporary no parking signs will now be posted with permanent no parking signs and no one seems to mind.

“It’s not often we get no parking proposals that don’t have pushback … because we hear a lot about the lack in town center,” said Select Board member Michelle Prior.

The board voted Feb. 26 to install permanent “no parking from here to corner” from 69 Church St. to the Wildwood, Central Street intersection.

Town Engineer Matt Shuman told the board the temporary no parking signs were initially installed in June 2023 when the Lake Street Bridge closed.

“The idea was to assist with sight distance,” he said.

Shuman added drivers traveling down Wildwood Street in particular have a difficult time seeing both sides of the street when trying to turn onto Church.

These temporary no parking signs on Church Street will soon become permanent, thanks to a vote by the Select Board on Feb. 26. Residents also seem to be happy with the decision. WINCHESTER NEWS STAFF PHOTO/PETER CASEY

Select Board member Michael Bettencourt said he takes that route pretty regularly and agreed the view without the parking ban was tough.

“And there are quite a few kids that use those crosswalks,” he added. “It’s very busy, there are a lot of kids on bikes, too, that are kind of flying through the area so the low visibility doesn’t help.”

Bettencourt said typically, he is not a fan of no parking signs, but in this case it makes sense.

Board Chair Richard Mucci agreed.

“I come down this way a lot and since those signs have been installed it’s much easier to see in the intersection,” he said.

Prior also acknowledged the difficulty of taking a left off Wildwood and noted that even the homeowner on that corner seemed to appreciate the idea.

Bill Rae, who lives at 69 Church St., said he selfishly supported the change.

Rae called it “very difficult” to get in and out of his driveway when vehicles are lined up on the street. Cars parking so near his driveway on both sides of the street makes for a very limited line of sight when trying to exit, he explained. He also said vehicles often block his driveway as well.

“Like tonight, there’s someone in half my driveway,” he said. “He’s pulled up there and I can’t get out.”

“You’re allowed to be selfish,” Prior said.

Another resident said he would like to be so bold as to suggest Wildwood Street be made one way, but only up to Fletcher Street. He said it’s a request he’s wanted to make and thought he’d simply throw it out there, “but I know a lot of good people on Pine would probably object.”

This article has been updated to identify the town engineer, who attended the Feb. 26 Select Board meeting.

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