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Schools invest in sustainability with new electric vehicle for nutrition services deliveries

The Winchester Public Schools newest electric vehicle is for its Nutrition Services Department, replacing an older diesel-powered vehicle. COURTESY PHOTO/WINCHESTER SCHOOL DEPARTMENT

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The following was submitted by the Winchester School Department:

The Winchester Public Schools is proud to announce its latest investment in sustainability: the acquisition of a new electric vehicle (EV) for its Nutrition Services Department, replacing an older diesel-powered vehicle.

“The decision to transition our Nutrition Services vehicle from diesel to EV is yet another indication of the district’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions in a fiscally responsible manner,” remarked School Committee Chair Tom Hopcroft. “The district is currently building the town's first all-electric net zero building, the Lynch Elementary School, and, while still cost prohibitive, has signaled its interest in exploring electric buses by including the option in our most recent transportation contract request for proposals.”

The Nutrition Services Department’s new electric vehicle. COURTESY PHOTO/WINCHESTER SCHOOL DEPARTMENT

The new electric vehicle, with its zero tailpipe emissions, is a significant step towards reducing air pollution and improving air quality near the school. This transition to a cleaner mode of transportation underscores our commitment to sustainability and creates a healthier environment for the entire community.

“We are thrilled to introduce this electric vehicle as part of our ongoing efforts to embrace sustainable practices,” said Andrew M. Marron, director of Finance & Operations at WPS. “By transitioning from a diesel-powered vehicle to an electric one, we are taking proactive steps to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a cleaner, greener future for our students and the community.”

Additionally, adopting electric vehicles, such as WPS’ new Nutrition Services Van, offers significant economic advantages. The Nutrition Services Department will save the district money by eliminating fuel costs and reducing monthly maintenance over the vehicle’s lifespan.

For more information about the WPS and its Nutrition Services Department, visit


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