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Winchester to host French students in July

French students take a break at Russell House during a tour of Harvard. COURTESY PHOTO/WINCHESTER JUMELAGE ASSOCIATION

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The following was submitted by the Winchester Jumelage Association:

Since 1990, Winchester has enjoyed a “Twin City” link with Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, a lovely historic suburb of Paris.

The French word for this relationship is “Jumelage,” which means “twinning.”

French student Eva Pouplin meets state Rep. Mike Day at the State House. COURTESY PHOTO/WINCHESTER JUMELAGE ASSOCIATION

The Winchester Jumelage Association administers its end, and is open to anyone seeking international friendship combined with a love of France.  Jumelage also hosts a number of activities, such as lectures, concerts, wine seminars, and Taste of France dinner parties.

Every year sees a joint trip for adults, alternating between France and the U.S., and, importantly, youth exchanges where young people from both towns spend three weeks in their twin city working, speaking, and living with a host family.

In 2022, French students enjoyed ‘meeting’ John Harvard during a tour of the area. COURTESY PHOTO/WINCHESTER JUMELAGE ASSOCIATION

Winchester is sending three Winchester High students, who are studying French, to St-Germain during June, and will be hosting three French college students in July. Two will have positions in local businesses, and one will work in the office of state Rep. Michael Day.

Every year, Winchester families volunteer to host a French student for three weeks, providing housing and meals, and the rewards are many. Typically, host families also enjoy showing their student around Boston, or even farther afield — and the friendships last into the future.

French students will visit Winchester in July while three local students will visit France in June. Here are students from past visits to the town. COURTESY PHOTO/WINCHESTER JUMELAGE ASSOCIATION

This summer, Jumelage is again in need of host families or individuals for the three young college women who will be in Winchester. You don’t need to speak French or have French heritage — most members don’t.

If you or an acquaintance would be willing to volunteer as a host, your participation would be deeply appreciated. Kindly contact John McConnell, president of Winchester Jumelage, at

International Day at the Winchester Farmers Market! COURTESY PHOTO/WINCHESTER JUMELAGE ASSOCIATION


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