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Helpers Among Us: Middle schoolers clean up the woods

Winchester middle schoolers Jocelyn Jones, left, and Lily Dullaghan are cleaning up their bit of the woods along Sunset Road. WINCHESTER NEWS STAFF PHOTO/JOYCE WESTNER

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When Jocelyn Jones and Lily Dullaghan were walking Jocelyn’s dog, Hunter, this winter, they noticed debris in the woods along Sunset Road. 

“We saw more and more piling up,” says Jocelyn, despite the sign which says, “No dumping,” and “Up to a $2,500 fine.”  So they decided to clean it up.

Despite signs to the contrary, people are still throwing away debris in the woods. WINCHESTER NEWS STAFF PHOTO/JOYCE WESTNER

Their parents gave the 11-year-olds permission as long as they didn’t go too far into the woods, and on weekday mornings, they’d pick trash that passersby had tossed. 

“We found alcohol bottles, plastic bottles and bags, pieces of cardboard, even Christmas lights and cords,” Lily says.

Jocelyn adds they even found a sled and a bike with a missing wheel.  After spending about four hours, they filled ten trash bags. 

Jocelyn Jones points out a bottle, just some of the debris the 11-year-old has found in the woods near Sunset Road, with her friend, Lily Dullaghan. WINCHESTER NEWS STAFF PHOTO/JOYCE WESTNER

Joceyln’s mother, Heather Tagliarino Jones, says, “It’s not safe for our pets — it’s a problem in the Fells, too.  It’s a small section of the entire world, but these things are also dumped into the oceans.”

She adds, “It’s inspiring that the girls are so young and they care so much about our environment.” 

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