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‘Understanding Ourselves and Others’ workshop on March 10 with Nancy Rubbico

Nancy Rubbico will hold a 90-minute workshop on March 10 at the Winchester Unitarian Society on Main Street. COURTESY PHOTO/

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The following was submitted by Gloria Levgold:

On Sunday, March 10, the Unitarian Universalist Church’s Pastoral Care Associates, Social Action and Outreach Committee and Racial Justice Team will present “From Insight to Impact: Understanding Ourselves and Others,” a 90-minute Introductory Workshop with Nancy Rubbico, from 4-5:30 p.m. at the Winchester Unitarian Society, 478 Main St., Winchester.

Dive into the fundamentals of human interaction in an introductory workshop led by Nancy Rubbico. In just a short session you will be introduced to the role of the nervous system in shaping emotional, behavioral, and social interactions.

Gain valuable insights into personal growth, well-being enhancement, and building stronger


The Basics of Relating: Grasp the foundational elements that make or break our ability to relate to others genuinely.

First Steps to Fulfillment: Identify starting points for cultivating personal satisfaction in your daily life.

Being Human: Explore our innate desire to connect more profoundly, to cultivate richer relationships, to feel seen and heard, and to listen to others with curiosity and openness.

Insights into Well-being: Rubbico shares foundational insights into emotional and psychological health.

Community Building: Learn the initial steps to cultivate supportive networks.

Actionable Takeaways: Leave with practical steps that can be applied immediately to your life.

This workshop is designed as an initial step and a foundational introduction to a deeper exploration of self-awareness and relationship dynamics. It marks the start of a transformative journey, aimed at enriching both your personal and professional life.

By assimilating the insights and strategies presented in this session, you are setting forth on a path towards a more balanced, confident, and influential existence. We invite you to join us in taking these pivotal first steps towards cultivating a life that is richer, more interconnected, and fulfilling on every level.

Rubbico, LMHC, is the founder of the BOCAS Method.

Working in the mental health field in multiple settings with a variety of clients has endowed Rubbico with a distinctive outlook on human psychology. Her approach integrates mind and body, providing a robust framework for overall well-being.

Techniques such as EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, AEDP, yoga principles, and Polyvagal Theory form a comprehensive toolkit for managing stress, building resilience, and promoting emotional and physical health. Her pioneering work with Polyvagal Theory offers key insights into how the nervous system impacts interactions, emotions, and well-being.

Understanding this theory can be transformative for anyone, providing a basis for improved interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and self-regulation.

As you delve into her teachings, you gain not just a therapist's perspective but a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and well-being. She advocates for making mental health knowledge accessible to everyone, aligning with the increasing need for mental wellness in society. Training with her provides insights typically limited to therapeutic settings, offering a unique perspective for applying these principles in various life situations.

Published in Psychology Today, April 2022 “What Putin’s Physiological State Tells Us.”


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